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Do you dream of having your own restaurant? Are you pleased to see other people enjoying your food? Papa's Wingeria will give you some ideas on how to run a restaurant and give the best service!
Papa's Wingeria is an online platform game and one of the installments in the Papa's cooking game series. In this game, the player would be the one responsible on running the whole place - getting orders and cooking and fixing their food, specifically chicken wings.
It may sounds easy but this game can be a bit tricky. Each customer has specific preference that you need to meet - from the number of chicken wings to the kind of sauce and sides they want on their plate. Timing and accuracy is also important as you will be judged on how perfect you cooked and sauced the food. The better you cooked the food, the higher rating and tips the customer will put on your tip jar.
So be ready to give your best smile and give your best shot! Visit and start cooking!